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I start by apologizing if my poor English is probably not up to the task but from today I will try to provide a translation of my articles into Shakespeare’s noble language even if to do so I will have to rely on an automatic translator (with some occasional correction). The aim is obviously to widen the readership to include also those who do not speak Italian.
To start feeling the ground, and to make my approach a bit easier, I chose one of the shortest, the one on Giorgione’s Tempesta.
In the near future I will try to translate also the others (time is a tyrant) with the hope of being able sooner or later to publish both the Italian and English versions at the same time.
Another hope is that my Italian readers will be pleased to report this new course to friends and acquaintances who do not know our old and sinuous mother tongue. Once a girl from Argentina paid us a beautiful compliment telling me that to her ears whatever we were talking about, even just the shopping list, in Italian seemed like a poem. I don’t know if this is exactly the case, and in any case I think that Italian enjoys an excellent company, but I think that of a poem, as well as of the shopping list, is better to understand its content than to appreciate its sound.
I’d like to end by pointing out that any reports of corrections and/or requests for clarification will be welcome.
Thank you and enjoy reading

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